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Cronzy's Favourite Fishing Holes
TV Schedule

R.R. #8
Owen Sound,Ontario
Canada, N4K 5W4

Going Fishing TV & Darryl Choronzey

The reason for the success of Cronzy's popular Going Fishing Television Series? He's the everyday fisherman's fisherman!

Weekly shows are planned with the everyday fisherman in mind. We visit locations our viewers can relate to. The fish we pursue are the same fish our viewers pursue. The topics we cover each week on Going Fishing - where to go, what to catch, how to catch them - are the topics that interest our viewers. We even instruct our viewers on how to cook a few.

One week may find us fishing for walleye way up in a far corner of Northern Ontario. Another week might see our host battling monster sturgeon on British Columbia's Frasier River. The next week might find Darryl and his son Joshua hopping on board a jet and heading into Saskatchewan's wilderness in search of lunker lake trout. But let's not forget the little guys. There's nothing Cronzy loves more than to spend an afternoon out in the canoe playing havoc on the local population of bluegill, crappie or sunfish.

Weekends finds Going Fishing beaming into every major Canadian market.

Here are recommendations for fishing success...

Watch the Commercial here

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Global Canada
Global Martimes Sat. 9:30
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Global Edmonton Sun 6:30
Global Vancouver Sat 6:00

E-Quebec (CJNT) Sunday 7:30
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E-Alberta (CHCA) Sunday 7:30
E-B.C. (CHEK) Sunday 7:30
Kelowna B.C. (CHBC) Sunday 7:30
Kamloops B.C. (CFJC) Sunday 7:30

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CHEX Peterborough
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